Permanent Home Project

Hauppauge Public Library
Hidden Pond Park Bond Proposition Vote
June 9, 10am to 9pm
at 601 Veterans Memorial Hwy.

Why does the library need a permanent home?
The Hauppauge Public Library has been paying rent on its current location since opening in August 2002. Not only is the cost increasing 4% each year, our landlord could stop renting the property to us at the end of the lease. A permanent home would secure the Library a place to exist for the community for decades to come.

The current space does meet the needs of the community, but we are asked for it to do more. The community has asked us for more meeting rooms, quiet study areas, more computers for public use, a dedicated space for teens, better indoor air quality, and more seats. The plan for a permanent home at Hidden Pond Park has responded to all of these requests to meet the educational, informational and entertainment needs of the community.

How do I benefit from this project?
We all benefit from living in a community that values education, access to information and cultural activities. A strong public library is critical to a sustainable community. A permanent home for the library stabilizes the library's financial situation and secures a sustainable future for library services in Hauppauge. In addition, for each person that visits the library this project will result in an improved library facility that provides improved indoor air quality, natural light, views of the park, flexible space, more seating, a dedicated space for teens, in addition to more meeting room space will allow visitors to enjoy the Hauppauge Public Library for years to come. The community helped design the proposed library and the Board and Staff listened. The Library needs varied, flexible space to allow our patrons to learn, meet and pursue their educational, informational and entertainment needs. These rooms will allow the newest members of the community learning about letters, reading and the joy of stories to teens looking for spaces to study to all of the community wanting a quiet spot to think, read, relax or meet. The project has a large multi-function room that can be broken into several smaller rooms, a dedicated children's program room, study rooms, a small conference room, a computer lab and two media suites. In addition, there are more seats, windows, and space for collections and exhibits. The property also allows us to have outdoor spaces. One will be off the children's room, another off the adult area. A patio between the meeting room and children's area will be able to host small programs and readings.

How much is this project going to cost?
The construction, fees, fixtures, equipment and furniture will cost $14,500,000. The cost to finance that amount would be $4,751,867, based on 3% interest for twenty years, for a total cost of $19,251,867. The yearly individual property tax impact based on a property's total assessment would be:

Property owners can estimate their yearly increase by looking at their latest property bill and locating the "Total Assessment" figure, then apply the above estimates. Or just look for your "Total Assessment" on:
Remember, your property's market/appraised value has nothing to do with these calculations.

Where exactly in Hidden Pond Park is the Library property?
The address of the Library will be 660 Terry Road, Hauppauge, NY. The property is located in the L-shaped box below:

What is the timeline for this project?
The Library is holding a referendum on June 9, 2015 at the Library, 601 Veterans Memorial Highway from 10 am to 9 pm. If it passes, the project enters the design development phase. It is followed by construction documents and finally bidding. A groundbreaking would be held in late summer 2016. Our current projections show the building being completed in January 2018. Library services will be unavailable only during the move from our current location to the new one and should not take more than one week.

Who gets to vote on the referendum?
Residents of the Islip portion of the Hauppauge School District will be allowed to vote on referendum. Residents who live in the Smithtown portion of the school district will not be paying any portion of this project.

Do I have to be registered to vote?
Yes. You may vote in a library election if you are (1) at least 18 years of age; (2) a citizen of the United States; (3) you have lived in the library district for 30 days (prior to scheduled library election); and (4) you are registered to vote (you are already registered if you have voted during the last four years in any general, school district or library election.) If you are not registered to vote, voter registration forms are available in the library and online at the Suffolk County Board of Elections.

Can I vote by absentee ballot?
Yes. Applications for absentee voting in the June 9 election are available here and through the school District Clerk, Whiporwill Administrative Office, 495 Hoffman Lane, Hauppauge, New York. If the ballot is to be mailed to the voter, completed application must be received by the District Clerk no later than 5 pm on June 2, 2015. If the ballot is to be delivered personally to the voter at the office of the District Clerk, the completed application must be received by the District Clerk no later than 5 pm on June 8, 2015. No absentee ballot shall be canvassed unless it is received in the office of the District Clerk by 5 pm on June 9, 2015.

Will there be public meetings where I can ask questions or hear more about this proposal?
Yes. There are two meetings currently scheduled for anyone in the community to come to the current Library, 601 Veterans Memorial Highway and meet the Library Board of Trustees and Library Director. After a brief presentation, the floor will be open to questions. The dates for these meetings are Thursday, May 21 at 7:30 pm and Saturday, May 30 at 10:00 am. The presentations will be the same for each meeting.

Will the cost to operate the new building increase?
There are going to be new costs to operate the new building: maintenance contracts on HVAC equipment, grounds to maintain, and possibly utility increases. At this time there are no plans or a foreseeable need for more staff. Due to the fact that the Library currently leases its space, almost $495,000 per year as of 2015, roughly half of these funds will be reallocated to pay for the anticipated increased operating costs. The other half will provide some relief to taxpayers.

How did Hidden Pond Park get selected as the site for the new Library?
The Board of Trustees of the Hauppauge Public Library began looking for a permanent home almost as soon as it opened its doors at 601 Veterans Memorial Highway in August 2002. For five years the Board and Library Administration visited properties within the Islip portion of the Hauppauge School District boundaries. All of these properties were expensive and the Board felt it was not feasible to ask the community to finance their purchase, in addition to building or renovating a Library building.

In 2007, the Board asked the Town of Islip for help in locating a property. Hidden Pond Park was suggested and a parcel was located within the Park. In October 2007 the Town passed a resolution to sell the land to the Library. In October 2008 Governor Paterson signed legislation allowing the sale. Then in October 2010 a contract of sale was executed between the Town and the Library for $270,000.

In addition to the inexpensive cost of the property a shared use agreement will be executed allowing the Library use of the existing parking lots (almost 200 spaces in two nearest lots), site lighting, snow and site garbage removal. The Library will not have to provide these items as they would at another location.

After the bond failed in October 2014 for the construction of a Library at Hidden Pond Park, the Board reexamined other options for a permanent home for the Library. These included existing buildings, renting other spaces within the District and a smaller cost for a building at Hidden Pond Park. Using results from a survey conducted by the Board of Trustees of all who voted on the bond in October 2014, along with comments received by community members and ongoing investigations on cost, a decision was made to pursue a less expensive building at Hidden Pond Park. The cost was reduced by $2,000,000 from October 2014. The deductions were made by reducing the ceiling height, not purchasing a generator, taking out the plantings on the roof and inside the building, reducing steel, concrete, budgets for furniture, finishes and equipment among other items.

The proposed building will be comfortable to be in and use. It will be built to last a long time and serve the community through it�s efficiency, flexibility and design.

Is there public transit nearby?
The closest Suffolk Transit Bus, 3D, stops at Old Nichols Road and Terry Road.

Why not continue to rent?

As the chart shows, ten years after the bond is satisfied slightly more will have been paid in rent, and will continue to be paid in rent for the future unless a permanent home is constructed. In addition, the Library does not control the current leased space. The landlord could choose to lease the space to another tenant, which is their right, at the end of our current agreement.

If the bond passes, does the rent stop?
The current Library lease is in place until October 31, 2018. If the bond passes, the Library will work with the landlord on agreeing to a time to end the lease before that day, should construction on the Library at Hidden Pond Park go according to schedule. Our projections show the project finishing in January 2018. While the Library is being built we will still be located at 601 Veterans Memorial Highway, and rent will have to be paid. The Library has saved $600,000 in a capital fund for use towards a permanent home for Hidden Pond Park. The plan is to use most of this money to offset the rent during this time. There is not enough to cover all the costs of renting the current space.

How was the new building designed and how will it differ from the current library?
The Board of Trustees undertook a process where the community was involved in informing them about the purpose, goals and conceptual design for the project. These sessions, called charrettes, took place in June and July 2013. At each meeting over 50 community members attended. During the first session a purpose statement was written:

To build Hauppauge's permanent community Library as a safe environment for all,
In a way that embraces intergenerational collaboration to develop community priorities that use
resources creatively, regenerate ecological health, and celebrate diversity,
So that the project inspires personal and professional growth and fulfillment, generates continuous community
participation, and enhances the quality of life in the park, Hauppauge, and the world indefinitely.

The following session worked on the goals to achieve the purpose. These included:
1. Within Budget
2. Connection to Outdoors
3. Functional Flexibility
4. Hive of Activity
5. Indoor Environmental Quality
6. Copious Day Lighting
7. Durable (physical & operational)
8. Energy Efficient
9. Cultural/Arts Center
10. Ease of Access/Inviting
11. Tranquil Natural Landscape

The Board of Trustees asked the Director and his staff to write a building program based on the public�s purpose and goals. This building program provided the square feet it would take to accomplish the desired activities. It called for a building size of 18,000 square-feet, currently the Library leases 13,500 square feet. The Board approved the program before the third charrette took place.

The third charrette focused on conceptual design. Now that the Library has an 18,000 square feet plan, where should areas go? Where is the front door? Where does the children�s department go? One floor or two? After eight hours of discussion, many items were settled upon.

The Design Team met after the three charrettes to work on the concepts. This group met in person three times to drill into what the community shared and to make sure the purpose, goals and initial conceptual designs were followed. Weekly phone calls were had with the team to make sure the schedule was respected and work promised was delivered and obstacles overcome. In January 2014 the Board of Trustees approved the site plan, ground floor plan, budget and schedule.

After the project was defeated on October 7, 2014, the project was reexamined (see �How did Hidden Pond Park Get Selected as the Site for the New Library�) for cost savings. The current project was modified in the following ways: lower building height, eliminated interior biowall, reduced steel and concrete, eliminated extensive roof vegetation, deferred purchase of generator, reduced furniture and equipment budget, eliminated skylights, reduced budgets for carpet, finishes, signage and ceiling tile, among many other items. All told the Board, project manager and architect found $2,000,000 to remove from the original project.

The building still has many excellent features. Please read the narratives from the architect, structural engineer, site designer, heating and cooling engineer, and civil engineer. More meeting rooms, more seats, new technology including a dedicated learning lab, music/video production studios, outdoor areas and more are part of the proposed library.

Where is the old permanent home webpage?
The old permanent home webpage is available here. And information about the October 2014 vote is here.

Why is the school district involved with running the vote and issuing the bonds?
In order to construct the new library, money must be borrowed. The library board has determined that school district bonds, the interest on which is exempt from taxation, will be the most economical way to finance the project. Under applicable law, the school district is required to call a bond referendum if requested by the library, and to issue bonds if the vote is successful. The bonds will be issued by the Hauppauge School District, but the taxes to pay the principal of and interest on the bonds will be levied ONLY on real property located in the Town of Islip portion of the school district. The Library will be paying all costs associated with calling and conducting the bond referendum.

There are many trees on the Library property in Hidden Pond Park. Will they all be saved?
No. All the trees will not be saved. We have a draft plan for which trees will be saved and which will be taken down.

What is a constructed wetland and how will it impact the neighborhood?
On Long island, most sewage does go outside into the ground. The proposed Library is no different, except in one area, the inclusion of a constructed wetland. The Library is following the lead offered by Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone in trying to reduce ground water pollution, especially nitrogen, by constructing a wetland. Constructed wetlands are treatment systems that use the natural processes involving wetland vegetation, soils, and associated microbial life to treat polluted water. Constructed wetlands are a natural way to treat stormwater and other watstewater. Constructed wetlands are often less expensive than traditional wastewater treatment systems to build and maintain. The wetland plants and associated microorganisms treat wastewater as it flows through the wetland system. As many as 5,000 constructed wetlands have been built in Europe and around 1,000 are currently in operation in the United States. For more on this please visit:

In our case the sanitary sewage from the building will enter into a 1,200 gallon septic tank which will overflow to two leeching pools. The constructed wetland, if approved from the Suffolk County Department of Health Services, would be placed between the septic tank and the leeching pools. This would allow the vegetation and microbial life to clean the sewage and reduce the nitrogen being returned to the groundwater.

If you have a comment about our permanent home, please do not hesitate to contact Matthew Bollerman, Library Director at 631-979-1600 or